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Damoi offers a unique pricing plan. Because you are offered a full venue and exclusive use and not merely a room to stay in, the rates are not per person, not per night and not per room as you would expect at a traditional guesthouse or self-service accommodation location.  Certain rates are however related to the number of guests booked.


Because we offer you much, much more than just a room!


Event charges can be tailor-made. Contact us if you do not see your situation reflected in our standard offering.


House Rules apply for every type of booking. Please adhere to these and familiarise yourself with these guidelines.

ALL BOOKINGS include STAFF and CLEANING SERVICES, except for the Special Preparation and Cleaning Needs of an Event. See below the terms and conditions for EVENT/ VENUE Rates. 

No Food or Catering included. 




R8200 per night 

* minimum stay 2 nights; minimum stay on long weekends - 3 nights.

* maximum number of people overnight in Main House - 10 people.

* 5 rooms - 2 with Queen beds, 2 with Double beds, 1 with 2 single beds that can be prepared as a Queen Bed. 

* Check-in 2 pm on day 1; Check-out on last day of weekend 4 pm.

* Flexibility on check-in or check-out on agreement with Site Manager.

If receiving additional guests/ day visitors, the following apply:

* Up to a total of 25 people in addition to the 10 overnight guests are allowed, for an additional R80 per person per day.

* Visitors/ Day Guests are required to register at Reception on Arrival.

* Day visitors should be included in the original booking.

- Any group larger than 25 people, automatically qualifies as an Event and assumes rental as a VENUE - see rates below.




 R450per bed

* additional overnight accommodation available only when booked with the Main House.

* Backpackers style. Single beds in one communal sleeping dorm.

* Maximum of 13 additional guests

* Basic Sleeping and share space.

* Restroom facilities available but rest of spaces to be used in conjunction with Main House guests.




R2500 per night

* No minimum stay

* Maximum number of people overnight in Cottage - 2 people.

* One Queen bed.

* Flexible check-in and check-out times based on other bookings.





starting at R28 000 per Event

* Groups of more than 25 people - overnight or day visitors, qualify only for a VENUE rate.

*Capped at an Event size of 80 people.

*The Venue is not really geared for Kitchen or Catering Facilities unless you do not make use of the Lapa Area for sleeping guests, in which case that area can be used as an area for serving or a kitchen preparation area. 

* This includes overnight accommodation of 5 bedrooms in the Main House, 1 bedroom in the Cottage and the Dorm Room for 10 people in the Kaserne.

* It also includes the additional Restrooms on the premises and the BAR area in Reception that will be opened up.

* This rate includes the NIGHT before and the NIGHT OF your Event to facilitate preparation and clean-up times.

* The EVENT preparations and clean-up need to be organised by the Guest. Damoi staff are only available for general cleaning and housekeeping of a routine nature. 

* For an additional fee, tables and chairs and Tent hire can be added to our Service, but we can not give guarantees to the availability of items for the timing of your booking and this will remain the responsibility of the Guest to arrange.

*Check-in and Check-out times depending on other bookings but we are flexible to arrange within your booking period.


RIVER RAFTING - during your STAY:


R250 per boat - casual use in front of property;

R400 per boat - transported and drop off at starting point in town

* Only 4 boats available - 8 persons.

* Safety Equipment included

* No guide included - can be booked separately at additional costs.

* At OWN RISK undertaken and not at all the responsibility of Damoi.

* Boats are made available 

* Drop off at starting point can be arranged. 

*Boats can be used for the day.
*Fee applies for every day that the boats are taken out and made available. 

If you need to discuss more options, please Contact us.

  Main House

Event Bookings


Starting at R28 000 per Event - including night before and night of the Event for Full and Exclusive use of all dwellings, including 12 overnight beds.

  Main House

Overnight Accommodation


R8200 per night - Main House

R80 per day for every additional guest added to the group, who is visiting but not sleeping over - to a maximum of 15 additional guests.

R450 per night for every additional guest added to the group, who is visiting and sleeping over - to a maximum of 13 additional guests.


Overnight Accommodation

R2500per night - Cottage

  River Rafting Equipment 

Booked with Price List 2 or 3 options ............................. ZAR   250 

(per boat , per day and restricted to house area)


Booked with Price List 2 or 3 options .............................. ZAR   400

(per boat; per day plus transport to drop off point)


We do.....

 - provide clean, comfortable spaces by doing our best to ensure the fascilities and the venue is ready to host a wonderful weekend or a pleasant stay

 - our best to ensure all lighting, equipment and appliances are in working order and are of hassle-free use

 - consider reasonable requests for special occassions


We do not....

  - provide food, supervision during your stay or insure your health and safety during occupation of our fascilities.

  -  consider a second  booking if you did not keep to the terms and conditions during your previous visit

  - tolerate a disrespect for other people, things or animals on the larger Estate. 

  - guarantee the working order of things  that are beyond our control. We do our best but no guarantees.


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